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Allegra/Image360 launches FootPRINT Fund to Help Non-Profits

Allegra/Image360 launches FootPRINT Fund to Help Non-Profits

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Allegra / Image360 – Downtown St. Paul recently awarded its FootPRINT Fund®, which awards marketing communications and print services, through Allegra / Image360 – Downtown St. Paul, to select applicant nonprofit organizations to help enhance their image, expand their services and extend their marketing communications and printing budgets.

Our owner, Jim Flaherty, recently awarded all of our FootPRINT Fund grants, one of which went to the family of Bentley, a little boy who is battling cancer. They are hosting a variety of fundraisers this summer and this grant will allow them to continue their efforts to fundraise and support this awesome kiddo! 

Allegra/Image360 FootPRINT fund will open again for applications in December. In the meantime, if you'd like more information, feel free to read more about this amazing opportunity on our website : https://allegrastp.com/about/our-community/footprint-fund/

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