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Smart marketers know the importance of trade shows, expos and other events. But there’s no point in attending if your audience can’t find you – or worse if potential customers aren’t inspired to stop at your booth once they do find it.

Having the right signs, banners and booth display is key to your success at any industry event. Before you put us to work on developing a new solution for you, it pays to pause and think about what you actually need. 

Every business is different, so read on and learn about the versatile options you can take advantage of at your next event.

Guide visitors with wayfinding signage.

Tradeshow Event Display Booth SignageDirectional signs may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you’re planning your next event – but they should be. The grandest display in the world will be of little value if people can’t find it.

If possible, you should try to target your prospects first thing, as they journey from their hotel or parking lot to your event space. This means guiding them in with wayfinding signage. Ensuring people can easily find their way to your location is key to enhancing their overall experience.

The good news? Just about any surface is a prime candidate for wayfinding solutions. Consider the following:

Start early! Try to work out an arrangement with the hotels where many attendees will be staying to position your retractable banners or banner stands in the lobby. They’ll carry your promotional messages, plus provide information on the location of your booth. 

Post temporary directional graphic decals along the way. Consider columns, stairwells, elevators, walls and other structures to apply these to, and inform guests on how to get to your space.

Apply temporary floor graphics to take your wayfinding efforts a step further! Don’t limit yourself to areas within the event space itself, either. Today’s floor graphics also work well outdoors in parking lots or sidewalks, or inside on parking structure floors.

Hang banners to guide people from afar. Vinyl and canvas banners are both ideal options to help people find their way to you. Tip: If used outdoors, consider wind-resistant mesh banners for maximum impact.

Lure guests with attractive event signage.

The type of event signs you’ll use for your exhibit will not only depend on your budget but also on your booth or display. Most convention halls have rules and regulations on signage to which you’ll need to adhere. For example, some will allow hanging signs above your display, but others won’t.

Last, but not least of your considerations, is the signage of top competitors. Try to scout beforehand how others will publicize their booths. In terms of event signage size, quality and eye-catching appeal, you’ll want to meet or, better yet, beat their efforts!

Here are some ways you can push prospects those final few steps to your booth or display:

You can benefit from custom-printed table throws and table skirts if exhibiting on a smaller scale. Be sure to consider your backdrop, which can easily serve as a focal point for your setup. Tension fabric displays and step-and-repeat banners are both affordable, proven options.

Incorporate your logo, corporate colors and even the event theme into a custom pop-up display. As the name implies, these displays “pop” into an easy setup and are just as easily taken down. Plus, they’re easy to transport, making them an attractive option for when you’re planning several show appearances.

Consider creating a modular display for your trade show booth. Most will offer ample opportunity for you to display your branding, logo, corporate colors and more.

Stick to a long-range, mid-range, short-range strategy

Tradeshow Event Display Booth Signage

Endorsed by many experienced exhibitors, this strategy has three components:

1. Long-range: Hang a ceiling display over your event space, if possible. They’re a surefire way to stand out in a crowded convention hall! In addition, sign towers, canopies or even large back wall signs are great long-range graphic options to capture attention at a distance.

2. Mid-range: These are to be viewed from between 10 and 50 feet away and help close the gap between you and your customers. Positioning event signs, posters and banners at or above eye level can help draw in guests.

3. Short-range: These should be positioned right at eye level for viewing from 10 feet away or less. Consider classic retractable banner stands or X-banner stands, or go digital with flat-screen displays, projection screens or digital kiosks if you can.

A Trade Show Final Tip

Go the extra mile by partnering with a full-service signage provider. By printing flyers and brochures to distribute at the event, outfitting your team with logoed apparel to wear on the show floor and providing branded promo items as giveaways, you can create a complete solution that makes the right impact. 

For more information and expert assistance, contact Image360.

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